Arriving in MOISSAC / Variant

Coming from Lauzerte, almost all of you do find the arrival in Moissac exhausting and never ending along industrial areas. When you see the sign “Moissac”, you still have abt 3 kms to reach the center of  Moissac, where the Gîte “Les Etoiles” is located, but you have to know that there is a variant to avoid cars and city noise. it’s detailed in the guide IGN FIGEAC MOISSAC ref 652, page 75, as follows :

« 3,5kms 50 mns : take the 3rd little road on yr right , called ” Malengane”, over 800 m. Take the 2nd path on yr left (steep way) that leads you on the right to “la route des crêtes” = the ridge road (panorama on Moissac). Reach St Michel slope, on yr left that leads you down to the Historical center of Moissac ».

Great view over the Abbey church ! – Go to its tympanum then to get to the gîte (300m fm the Abbey church), take the Republique street , then 1st on yr right “Ste Catherine”, next on yr left and eventually next on yr right  : 4 Rue Falhière (on the right handside on the bank Crédit Agricole).

Once you ‘ve reached the gîte, you are then within walking distance of  everything !

Tourism in Moissac

Welcome to Moissac !… Santiago de Compostela paths (GR 65) crossing Moissac is a marvellous opportunity, in the course of your pilgrimage, to make a restful, full of visits halt ..
Not to be missed, Saint Peter Abbey church, its famous cloister and tympanum (available guided tours + circuits). If you are around on a Saturday or on a Sunday, you may enjoy local products from the farmers’ market, France’s fruit garden and also try the guaranteed quality label Chasselas grape, (AOC appellation d’origine contrôlée).
The Canal du Midi (Two seas canal) connecting Bordeaux to Sète, is also crossing Moissac. Walkers and cyclists may ride and hike all along this great 500 kms long path, offering numerous accommadations and many places of interest. Enough to organise a  self measured trip.
Barges and boats may be seen going through canal locks or staying in the marina.

You will also be able to go swimming, kayaking, water skiing, rowing,…  or visit museums, see exhibitions and many more activities will be available to you.
See below web sites where you will find all needed information.

Chemin de Compostelle / Miam miam dodo (GR65, accommadation, routes…)


Railway station (SNCF) , Moissac is on the Bordeaux-Toulouse TGV line . The station is within 500 meters from the gîte.
Tel  : 05 63 04 01 61 (Avenue Pierre Chabrié)

Office de Tourisme de Moissac :

Hébergement traité préventivementThe gite is treated against bedbugs with 100% natural product “Clako punaises”, sprayed on beds and applied on floors.

You may buy the product from pharmacy des Récollets 11 rue Malaveille 05 63 04 00 76 (on the camino, arriving in the very center of Moissac).

Sheets and pillow cases are washed after each overnight and carefully looked at in case of bedbugs traces.  Whether you have been stung or you are wondering whether it was by bedbugs or another insect, pls do mention it to me upon arrival, as well as any other question you ‘d like to ask.
Should the case arise, your clothes will need to be washed at 60 °C and your backpack treated. This little routine may be very useful in order to keep you (including people at home, the other hosts, this place and the coming gites), away from these unwelcomed parasites.

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Sorry pets are not allowed, thank you.